Sweet chili sauce discovery

As much as I enjoy Sated, sometimes I have other foods too. I just tried something today and I was amazed at how well it works:

  1. Take the super cheap chili paste sauce you can get in any grocery store. The 18oz container will probably run you $3-$4 and can last for months. It has zero carbs.


  1. Stir in a few drops of Liquid Sucralose from Sated’s sister brand store. (You might recognize the domain - it’s the same one that’s used when the Discourse forum sends you an email.)

  1. Get a few ribeye steaks from Costco because you’ll want to do this more than once

Fry it up however you like. I like using a George Foreman grill because I can collect the run off fat, mix it up with spices or sauces, and drizzle it back onto the steak. In this case, I mixed it with the chili sauce and sucralose.

I’m not sure what it is, but somehow the liquid sucralose, the fat, and the chili sauce all run together and form something amazing. It was sweeter and more flavorful than any steak sauce or bbq I’ve ever had. Even if I weren’t doing keto, I’d pick this over regular steak sauce. It’s only 15 minutes after lunch and I’m already dreaming about doing the exact same thing again tomorrow.

My brain still can’t accept that this has zero carbs. Honest to god, it tastes like there’s honey in there.

@mcgroarty, I have some country style pork ribs in my fridge that is begging for this!!!