Shake Making Gear


What kind of gear do you have for making shakes? Have you found any clever storage or preparation hacks or equipment that the rest of us should know about?


Myself, I’m a fan of these Oxo containers:

They have them on Amazon and Target, probably other places too. Search for “OXO Good Grips POP Container.” The 4 quart version fits the powder from the 30-meal Sated kits with enough space for the scoop to sit at the top. The push button top creates an air seal that keeps the powder from clumping, and I’ve stored various flavors of Sated, KetoOne, or regular protein powder in these for months without issue.

I also use the 2.5 quart version for a bunch of the Keto Hot Breakfast powder. (I wish they still sold the big bags!)


For shake oil (and regular MCT oil, and olive oil) I like pouring the 32oz bottles into 1/2 or 1 gallon amber jugs. They have pumps for these that dispense exactly 1oz (2 tablespoons) of oil at a time.

Search Amazon for “amber gallon growler” to find a bunch of different options. This makes shake preparation much faster than using a measuring scoop.

Finding a good pump is a bit harder. I went through 3-4 before finding one that didn’t dribble oil after each pump. I think most of them are meant for less viscous fluids. But I found this pump at Le Melange. I can’t find that exact one on Amazon, but maybe somebody else has a better eye. Whatever you get, check the plastic type and then google “food safe plastic.”


My friend, I think you just changed my life!


@mcgroarty Wow!!! This is an absolutely amazing set up. I’ve been looking for containers, might have to invest in the Oxo brand!!


Same, this is next level!


Do you mind if I share this on our social media? Everyone needs to know about this!!! If so, what’s your handles so I can tag you?!


Sure. Or if you mean to send it out more broadly, this weekend I can snap a less cluttered photo and add one of my Sated stickers.


I would love that!! No pressure but if you have the time, I’d love to share it!


Here you go - my Easy Keto Kitchen setup. I slapped a few Sated stickers on the canisters and peeled the label off of a KetoOne bag. I ended up using just one growler since those take up a lot of space and kind of dominate the picture. Click the picture for higher resolution.

If anyone’s curious, the smaller canister in front of the KetoOne is sea salt. The colorful little containers are liquid sweeteners. Those are from Keto and Co., which is Sated’s sister brand from what I gather.

Feel free to post! No attribution needed, or maybe just link back to the forum here.

I’d still love to see others’ setups. I’m sure there’s more to find? For example, anyone have a favorite miniature powered blender for mixing these? It would be nice to find something where people can get a bunch of single serving bottles that fit in the top rack of a dishwasher. I’m also looking for a totally silent desktop can fridge for when Sated pre-made starts shipping.


That’s a nice setup! Can you link to the tray and containers?


The trays:

The large one:

A medium black tray is set inside the large one. That fits the four Oxo canisters:

A small black tray is set inside the large one with the oil and spill bowl. It’s the same tray that’s on the right, which is the white version:

The Sated and KetoOne canisters: (4qt)

The psyllium husk is in the sugar (2.4qt) canister, the bulk protein powder in the back left is the Bulk Food (5.5qt), and the sea salt is in the brown sugar (0.9qt).

The Zak trays go in and out of production, with prices ranging from cheap to stupidly expensive, depending on when you’re looking. You can find them on eBay or the Zak website when they’re not on Amazon. You could get away with just the large tray, but I like the smaller trays inside the big tray so I can lift them out and clean them more easily when I spill powder or oil.


Nice. Thank you for the links!


Are each of your OXO canisters filled with just one bag of sated?


Yes. A 30 serving bag fills the 4 quart canister to within a couple inches.


This is amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


Does anyone know the size of the cap for the oil bottles? They look to be about 28mm, but I’m not sure what the thread is? 400? 410? 415? Something else completely?


STAT Powder and Oil Travel Case

A customer sent this to me about a year ago. She travels a lot for work and has found this to be clutch!