Other fat sources

Does any one else experiment with fat sources when mixing shakes? I love the peaches and cream with heavy whipping cream!!!

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Coconut oil when I’m on the road! I bring the single oil packets with me when I’m traveling.

I’ve used heavy whipping cream and it’s good with the chocolate as well, if borderline addictive. It’s nice for occasional variety. But be warned that it brings out a curious salty taste that some may like, some may not.

Coconut oil is also a nice change when blending in a small handful of frozen berries. The berry taste is more prominent with coconut oil than with the regular shake oil.

And some will think I’m crazy, but I’ve been adding some cod liver oil to introduce DHA and EPA. A small amount doesn’t affect the taste perceptibly. Just don’t try it with regular fish oil. :slight_smile:

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