New Flavor requests


We are very happy with the introduction of Peaches and Cream!!! What other flavors would you like to see from Sated in the future?


I’m not so patiently waiting for “melted coffee ice cream”!!!


I’d rather have something like bitter coffee. It’d be nice to have a shake that isn’t sweet for a change – or maybe one you could cut half and half with chocolate.



I’d love to have a chocolate pb flavor…that’s dairy free!


I would like to see a savory flavor! I miss easy soup options!


Also, golden milk latte or match latte with caffeine would be a game changer!


I agree with the coffee / caffeine request 100%!
I would also submit that a straight peanut butter would be amazing, as would … hear me out… banana!
I would also love some sort of citrus like an orange creamsicle.


Coffee or peanut butter would be fantastic options!


I’d like to have a generic flavorless powder, and then small packets of different flavors that could be added at mixing time. Is there something about each existing flavor that the flavor is more than just something added to the rest of the mix? Are the formulas for chocolate and vanilla different in any significant way other than the ingredients that make up the flavor?


I would totally love it if you could do either Snickerdoodle or Blueberry Cheesecake :blush:


I would love cookies and cream! That was always my favorite milkshake :slight_smile:


@stevefeinstein that is a great suggestion. The makeup and nutrients are no different between flavors. I agree, it would be awesome to have a plain base to possibly make soups with! Bone broth instead of water…


All of these are making me hungry…agree with all of them!