How often do you drink Sated?


I usually drink a shake a few times a week for lunch if I’m busy, or forget to make a lunch ahead of time. Curious to see how often everyone else is consuming :slight_smile:


Once there is a vegan version I plan to drink 1-2 a day (for breakfast and for lunch)! And mixing the flavor up with some mint extract (for the holidays), PB powder, etc.

Also planning to make mug cakes out of the powder!!


Currently once a day for breakfast.


A typical weekday is:

  • Breakfast: Sated
  • Mid-Morning: Atkins ready-made Mocha shake
  • Lunch: Grilled ribeye steak with broccoli, or ground beef and sliced up bell peppers, or a McDonald’s double quarter pounder (no catsup, wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun), or sometimes another Sated
  • Mid-Afternoon: Sated
  • Dinner: KetoOne (hello coconut fiber!) and leftover steak or some grilled chicken breast

If I’m peckish, I might grab a second Sated mid afternoon, make a protein shake, or grab another flavor of the Atkins pre-made. Of recent, I’ve also been keeping some of the Keto and Co brownies in the refrigerator. I make those with extra eggs and some psyllium husk so the consistency is more like cake. It makes a great snack without any regrets.


@mcgroarty sounds like a solid day of eating!!


I’ve found my body best processes Sated mid day, so it’s officially my lunch replacement.


@upso what did you do to figure that out? I would love to get more technical with my observations.


Since I’m a type 1, I test my blood sugar A LOT. What I’ve found is, regardless if I snack before I bed, or what I might have or not have for breakfast, I tend to have higher #'s until mid day. That said, if I do something “carby” (ignore net) in the morning, it just makes things worse. So Sated in the morning just keeps me high through the afternoon, while Sated at lunch causes no problems whatever. Morning liver sugar dumps are pretty common for everyone and it might help to just test your blood sugars daily for a while to see how you are breaking things down.


@upso, that’s incredibly interesting. I am definitely going to start paying attention to time of day more when I test.


Every day, twice a day. I make two batches at once to take to work for breakfast and lunch. I’ll usually have a keto friendly meal for dinner. I started a 5 day water fast today, and got my shipping confirmation this morning for chocolate Sated. I haven’t tried that one before, so I’ll be looking forward to that Saturday morning!