Favorite Flavor hacks


Sated has some great base flavors that are easily customizable. What do you do to make your shakes your own?


Chocolate Sated, Mix with Coffee instead of water = Sated Morning Mocha.


Vanilla sated, orange vanilla mio, heavy cream instead of oil. Tastes just like an orange creamsicle.


My favorite Sated hack is to add a serving of matcha to my vanilla Sated shake - Green Tea Latte perfection :heart:


Mio drops are amazing. The Fruit Punch, Lemonade, and Sweet Tea Mio drops are all great.


There’s so many. I’m naturally a chocolate person but the vanilla shakes are so versatile!! PB powder, pumpkin spice, golden milk…I could go on forever!


Along with flavor hacks, you can also bake or heat Sated!

We’ve figured out a few DELICIOUS holiday mug cake recipes that we’re sharing on our blog today and through out the holiday season.

Also, i always make frosting out of it by just adding the powder and oil together without the water. GAME CHANGER!


PECAN PIE MUG CAKE: mix 1 large egg, 1T melted butter, 2T Vanilla Sated, 2T granular erythritol , 1/2t baking powder. Gently pour into a greased ramekin lined with pecan halves and microwave roughly 60 seconds or until set. Flip onto a plate pecan side up and drizzle with [@choczero] maple syrup.


Instant coffee is great for this. The crystalized coffees (Folgers, Maxwell House, etc) blend perfectly in cold water.


Coffee with the vanilla flavor gives me life!!


The Torani Sugar Free Syrups are worth a mention. Most of these are nice with vanilla protein powder, and I’d assume they’re great with Sated Vanilla as well. I avoid the fruit ones since they’re sweet enough that I start getting carb cravings. Your mileage may vary. But the various nut and spice flavors are perfect for me.


You can find them on Amazon as well, including with Subscribe and Save. They also sell pumps that replace the screw on cap so you can measure out a consistent amount each time.