Complete Nutrition: What supplements or other foods complete a Sated lifestyle?

Sated is impressive for containing 20% or more of 25 different vitamins and minerals. Even so, water and Sated isn’t enough for one to get by. If Sated makes up a large share of your meals, are there any nutrients that you make a conscious effort to get elsewhere?

For example a search across the entire Sated website doesn’t turn up a single hit for DHA or EPA. The importance of DHA and EPA is documented here. Eating fatty fish or taking fish oil or algae capsules is enough to address these dietary needs.

What else should we be sure to get from supplements or other foods?

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I’m assuming DHA and EPA aren’t present because sources such as this mention that DHA and EPA aren’t found in plant foods. The keto shake oil shows olive oil, flax, coconut, and MCT oil as its oil sources. MCT oil is usually also derived from coconut.

Other articles state that the body can generate small amounts of DHA and EPA from ALA (the third kind of omega-3 fat), but not enough to replace dietary sources.

I might be overdoing it, but I’ve always taken a complete multi-vitamin and fish oil pills regardless of what efforts I was making in the dietary world. I’ve never looked into if I was over doing anything, and figured my body will flush out the excess anyways. To note, I’ve never had stones or any complications and my yearly physical is about all the doctor visits I make and I’ve always cleared with great numbers.