Blood Glucose/ Ketones

Has anyone measured their blood sugar or ketones after consuming Sated? I would love to see the results!

Are you looking for specific times after? I would suggest at least for diabetics, it would also be useful for you to know how much insulin one might be taking as well.

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Those are great points! I’d say an hour after would be a great start.

I do alot of self experimenting, so I have some data. My tests were done with a Keto-mojo for blood ketones, and a Reli-on Premier Blu for blood glucose.

Context of the “experiment”:
It was day 2 of trying to get back into ketosis after a heavily carby couple of weeks before. I fasted most of the day and had a cup of black coffee and a couple coke zeroes. I waited 2-3 hours since last drinking the coke so my blood ketones/glucose during the tests would be relatively unaffected by the previous drinks. I drank the shake around 6pm. Pre-shake I was feeling symptoms of the keto-flu but soon after drinking the shake the symptoms went away.

I had 1 serving of the Strawberry Sated, prepared according to the instructions.
Immediately Pre-shake: 0.3 mmol/L ketones, 76 mg/dl glucose
1/2 hour: 0.7 mmol/L ketones, 75 mg/dl glucose
1 hour: 0.7 mmol/L ketones, 79 mg/dl glucose
1.5 hour: 0.5 mmol/L ketones, 80 mg/dl glucose
2 hour: 0.6 mmol/L ketones, 78 mg/dl glucose
6 hour: 0.6 mmol/L ketones, 73 mg/dl glucose
My ketone meter sometimes varies within 0.1 mmol/L in consecutive readings.

My ketones stayed elevated until I went to bed around 6 hours post-shake, but I don’t have the exact number right now (I forgot to sync the meters to my phone). I was pleasantly satiated and didn’t feel the need to eat anything else that night. I’m keto-fasting for weightloss right now so that was a big plus.
**EDIT: I added the 6 hour test.

Thank you so much. This is great info! @ted.tieken, did you see this?

I am going to try and pay more attention to this, but here is a good example of my diabetic response:

blood sugar 150 at 8am
consumed one serving of sated vanilla in 1 carb soymilk
told my insulin pump I was consuming 5 carbs which ended up giving me 1.5 units
blood sugar 250 at 10am

It seems like if I don’t tell the pump I’ve had 10-15 carbs when I have sated, it’s not giving me enough insulin…