Blood Glucose/ Ketones


Has anyone measured their blood sugar or ketones after consuming Sated? I would love to see the results!


Are you looking for specific times after? I would suggest at least for diabetics, it would also be useful for you to know how much insulin one might be taking as well.


Those are great points! I’d say an hour after would be a great start.


I do alot of self experimenting, so I have some data. My tests were done with a Keto-mojo for blood ketones, and a Reli-on Premier Blu for blood glucose.

Context of the “experiment”:
It was day 2 of trying to get back into ketosis after a heavily carby couple of weeks before. I fasted most of the day and had a cup of black coffee and a couple coke zeroes. I waited 2-3 hours since last drinking the coke so my blood ketones/glucose during the tests would be relatively unaffected by the previous drinks. I drank the shake around 6pm. Pre-shake I was feeling symptoms of the keto-flu but soon after drinking the shake the symptoms went away.

I had 1 serving of the Strawberry Sated, prepared according to the instructions.
Immediately Pre-shake: 0.3 mmol/L ketones, 76 mg/dl glucose
1/2 hour: 0.7 mmol/L ketones, 75 mg/dl glucose
1 hour: 0.7 mmol/L ketones, 79 mg/dl glucose
1.5 hour: 0.5 mmol/L ketones, 80 mg/dl glucose
2 hour: 0.6 mmol/L ketones, 78 mg/dl glucose
6 hour: 0.6 mmol/L ketones, 73 mg/dl glucose
My ketone meter sometimes varies within 0.1 mmol/L in consecutive readings.

My ketones stayed elevated until I went to bed around 6 hours post-shake, but I don’t have the exact number right now (I forgot to sync the meters to my phone). I was pleasantly satiated and didn’t feel the need to eat anything else that night. I’m keto-fasting for weightloss right now so that was a big plus.
**EDIT: I added the 6 hour test.


Thank you so much. This is great info! @ted.tieken, did you see this?